Why Writing a Book is Like Having a Baby!

My Book ‘Goodbye Glossophobia’ 2019 & Real Baby No 2, Truman, 1-day old 2010

My Book ‘Goodbye Glossophobia’ 2019 & Real Baby No 2, Truman, 1-day old 2010

Writing a book is a bit like having a baby!

People keep asking me ….

“How long did it take to write the book – Goodbye Glossophobia – Banish your fear of public speaking”?

The truth is…it really is like having a baby.  You try and conceive (could take years), and you think it might not happen!  Then when you decide to go for it, it takes around 9 months for the actual process of writing editing and fiddling around with all the logistics like design (thank you Patrick at LMPP design) , pagination (how the pages are laid out), copyright, publishing stuff, proof-reading etc.

It’s very painful.  I HATE PROCESS!  So there was a lot of heavy breathing involved. (Heads up. Check out Chapter 18, What if I go Red? It has a brilliant breathing exercise)

Creating this ‘thing’ didn’t come naturally to me.  People kept asking…

“When’s it due, when’s it due?”

An I’d reply “The due date is the 24th September 2019” knowing full well it could be overdue.

Then you get the “have you got a name?” and you’re thinking…

“hmmm, I’m not sure if I like that name Glossophobia, no one knows what the bloody neck it means”

So I went on a quest to find a name I liked with a lot of help – thank you A Thousand Monkeys!  

Finally – you go into labour.  The final hurdle is the painful process of actually producing something that exists, something you can hold in the hands, smell (it’s a great smell) and love and cherish.  Then you feel a sense of euphoria, pride and relief that you survived the ordeal!

If your next question is….

“Would you do it all again?”

Watch this space, I’m still getting over the trauma of the first one! LOL.

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