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Is your team brilliant, but when it comes to presenting they go flat?

Are you frustrated that you’re not hooking in potential clients?

Could your team be guilty of torturing their audience because they are too long winded and waffle on for too long?

Listen to this.

A tortured audience won’t want to do business with you!  If you’re not making an impact (in meetings, client pitches or presentations) you are losing them.

You have a very short time to grab their attention, show you’re credible and convince them you are the person worth listening to.


Are you and your team struggling with this?

  • Having the confidence to be yourself and let your personality shine through
  • Finding time to prepare the right message for the audience
  • Understanding audience needs
  • Worried your material is boring and your audience is losing interest too quickly

In this session I will teach you:

  • How to eliminate long winded detail
  • How create attention grabbing sound bites
  • How to connect with people quickly and effortlessly
  • What to say in the elevator pitch that creates curiosity

How do I do it?

My sessions are packed full of practical tips (all those years of producing live shows for the BBC!) on how to grab your audience in the first 0-30 seconds. That’s the ‘hook’ time and you need to be oozing confidence, succinct, and firing on all cylinders. Easier said than done hey? But it can be done, and you can learn how to be the best version of yourself.

Plus you get your very own highlights film so you can remind yourself of the tips you’ve learnt and carry on learning.

The size of the group will vary to suit your needs.  To get the best results small groups of 4-5 followed by one to one sessions are transformative!


You or your team can join a group masterclass or you can book a short VIP programme of one to one sessions with me.