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Are you technically brilliant at what you do yet when it comes to pitching your ideas… SPARKS DO NOT FLY?

(You can actually see people’s eyes glazing over when you talk to them – or worse – they have the dreaded frozen grin on their face?

Are you frustrated that your pitches aren’t relaxed and free flowing? They feel stifled, stuffy and self-conscious?

Could you and your pitch team be guilty of torturing your audience with boring scripted speeches,  too much technical detail and not enough wow-factor?

Don’t let this happen to you. You need to build an instant rapport with your audience and give them what they want.

Woo hoo, we won the pitch, thank you Esther you would have been proud. We smiled and talked about ‘you’ more than ‘us’.
— Partner, Squire Patton Boggs London —

In this session I teach you how to:

  • Start with a killer first line that creates curiosity
  • Connect with your audience quickly and effortlessly
  • Swap long winded detail for engaging stories
  • Ooze confidence no matter what gets thrown at you
  • Pitch as a team and use everyone’s talents to the max
  • Engage and influence your audience so they want more

How do I do it?

  1. My sessions are packed full of practical tips (all those years of producing live shows for the BBC!) on how to grab your audience in the first 0-30 seconds and keep them engaged and interested for the whole pitch
  2. Plus you get your very own highlights film so you can easily practice the pitch between rehearsals.
  3. Pitch Practice is best done with the whole pitch team. Video conferencing is incredibly valuable if your team is dotted all over the world. You MUST have a rapport between you before you walk through that door.
  4. To get the best results, 3-4 sessions are recommended. The content evolves with each rehearsal and ideas flow naturally, rather than you all having to ‘learn’ a pre-determined script that’s got no personality whatsoever.

You or your team can join a group masterclass or you can book a short VIP programme of one to one sessions with me.