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 Do you want your team to become Networking-Ninjas like this lot? My Old Mutual Wealth & LV='s Networking Ninja Master Class

Would you score yourself 5 out of 10 or less if you were to grade your confidence levels when it comes to Networking?

Is ‘Networking’ a dirty word for you?

Perhaps you dread

  • Having to spark off conversations with people you don’t know?
  • Selling yourself to people you’ve never met?
  • The pressure of having to thrust your business card into as many potential clients’ palms as possible?
  • That feeling of self-doubt and wanting to curl up in a ball
  • Your boss’s reaction when you don’t get hot leads?

You are NOT alone – we all hate that kind of pressure.

The other day I ran a workshop for 60 lawyers in London and when I asked the question, “who doesn’t mind networking?” Not one person raised their hand.

From Networking-Phobe to Networking-Ninja

That's what my clients call themselves now (thank you Mike & Kjirste for coining the phrase Networking-Ninjas).

This room full of talented professionals from Old Mutual Wealth and LV= (Liverpool Victoria) are still brimming with confidence after taking part in the Masterclass.

At the beginning of the session everyone gave them selves a mark out of 10 for confidence levels when it comes to networking.

They scored themselves - a very low 4.9 out of 10
That’s seriously worrying considering networking is a major part of doing business!

As you know it's not WHAT you know it’s WHO you know!
After the high energy, practical and interactive masterclass?

They scored themselves 7.1 out of 10!
Wow that's a first. To go up 2 sizes (confidence sizes not dress sizes) is phenomenal.


If you need you and your team to become Networking-Ninjas, to get out there, make connections and meet new prospects - contact me now to make a plan to help boost your business and ultimately your bottom line.