How Can A Semi-Dyslexic Extrovert Write a Book?

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I am the most unlikely author you’ll ever meet! 

So my message to you is this…if I can do something completely out of my comfort zone, you can too!

Writing this book has taken 18 months from green light “I’m actually doing this” to fruition.  Can you believe I’m on Amazon, in Waterstones, and other ‘proper’ bookstores? AMAZING, considering I am 64% dyslexic (according to an online adult test!).  

When my good friend Cathy Wilcox stepped in to proofread ‘Goodbye Glossophobia’, she found 1000 typing errors.  She also had to teach me the difference between a hyphen and a dash.  Do you know the difference?

Sitting still for more than 25 minutes at a time is very challenging for me.  I am an extrovert who gets energy from people.  Sitting at a screen on my own is lonely and if I’m not careful, I get writer’s block, self-doubt, a numb bum and imposter syndrome all at the same time.  I will be honest with you, I found it really hard to write this book.

I had help from my business coach, Kim Duke in Canada.  She motivated me to send her one page a day. She encouraged me to put one tiny step in front of the other every day. That’s a great tip in life and in business – one thing a day to move you forward.  Thanks Kim Duke.  

However, the reward of having the finished article in your hands at the end is indescribable.  The funniest feedback from the launch was “I love the smell of the book”.  The smell of the ink, fresh from the printers is intoxicating.  I do love the smell, is that weird?

Here’s my fave review from another fabulous Kim, Kim Arnold…

Hey lady

I am halfway through your book and, just WOW!!!!  I thought it would be great, of course, but it is really, really fantastic.  I love all the stories, practical tips and nuggets that you can put into practice straight away. And as someone who loves public speaking, I’m still learning so much.

I’ve read Talk Like TED and How to Own the Room this year and your book is hands down the best thing I’ve read about public speaking.  Ever.  And it’s a joy to read too - so addictive (I’m having to ration myself to a couple of chapters at a time so I can get some work done!).

A huge congratulations to you - you deserve every success with this, truly.  It is brilliant and you are brilliant. K xxxxxx

Kim Arnold 
Marketing & Communication Consultant


Big news. My brand new book is out now. If you hate public speaking or you know someone who does, you’ll love this. Click here for the colour edition!

It even sold out on Amazon.

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Esther Stanhope