Goodbye Glossophobia by Esther Stanhope

Goodbye Glossophobia by Esther Stanhope


"Can you believe standing on a stage in front of hundreds of people has become my comfort zone? It could be yours!"

Your heart pounds. Sweaty palms. Quivering voice. You’re not alone. You suffer from “Glossophobia” - the fear of public speaking. And it is crippling your career. Don’t worry. Once upon a time, Esther Stanhope was just like you.

She was shaky, red-faced and stumbling on stage. Now she speaks to audiences all over the world - and it's her mission to help you say goodbye to glossophobia too.

This book is for you if you:

  • hate having all the eyes on you

  • would rather stick pins in your eyes than speak in public

  • think “Oh ****” in the Q&A after a presentation

  • need to be more visible to build your career and your business

  • dread the thought of introducing yourself round the table (creeping death)

  • need confidence to do it and help NOW!

Whether you’re in the corporate, public or creative side of the world, this book helps you smash any presentation and feel confident. Esther Stanhope shares her quirky secrets so you can stand up, speak out and be yourself.

"At some point in our careers we all have to address an audience of some sort. This book is packed with real life tips from someone who spent her life behind the camera (at the BBC) coaching others to be at their absolute best."
Vanessa Vallely - Founder WeAreTheCity, Speaker and Author of Heels of Steel

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