Big Presentation Tip - The Obama View & Spew Method

Obama often needed a ‘security blanket’ script!

Obama often needed a ‘security blanket’ script!


I admit it, I was one of those kids who found it hard to let go of my security blanket…even when I was 6 years old.

And I see the same security blanket syndrome with my clients too.

The other day my client said...

“I NEED a script.” 

Really? Ok, I understand. Obama did too.

Having a script is like having a sucky blanket; it gives you security, which gives you confidence at your most vulnerable front of your multimillion-dollar client maybe! Or even worse, when you're presenting to your senior peers.

It's really hard to let the smelly tatty old blanky go, even though you know you should be grown up and oozing confidence.

Ideally I’d LOVE it if you’d lose your script.


I like to see the whites of your eyes and I love it when you deliver your message as if you're the most relaxed and engaging person in the world - difficult if you're looking down and 'reading' lines.

Scripts can sound stilted, unnatural, too polite, not authentic and in most cases ...God forbid...DULL.

However when you're under pressure, yes I agree you need a safety net. YOU NEED A SCRIPT!

If you MUST have a script then, please try and master this...

The Obama view and spew method

I heard first-hand (from 1 of his 7 script writers) Obama couldn’t memorise whole paragraphs of script.

But he used to do this and it worked like a charm...and you can too.

• He understood that he had to engage with his audience at ALL times – and he did a pretty good job.  You need to engage! You need to show the audience with every fibre in your body and your eyes that you care about THEM.

• He used 2 transparent teleprompts (autocue screens) on either side of him so it looked as if he's looking at his audience to the right and to the left of him every few seconds. The tip here is - LOOK UP at YOUR audience at ALL times!

• He paused while he'd memorise and read 'viewing' the script for 1 or 2 sentences at a time, (notice he breathed through his nose to let the oxygen in slowly, another great tip you can adopt).

• Then he delivered these words out to the front, he 'spewed' (he wasn’t reading when he spewed!)

• Note - this is more or less 15% viewing and 85% spewing straight out to the audience.

• And it ALL takes practice. (How much practice are you doing before a presentation?)

The next time you're pitching to clients or giving a high level presentation, remember this...

Your script doesn't have feelings - it needs NO attention.

But PEOPLE do need attention.

So make sure you give them your 85% attention and you can still have your script.

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