Are You Surrounded by Radiators or Drains?

Cats in Art – Patrick Steen’s Mister Tristan (Hockney)

Cats in Art – Patrick Steen’s Mister Tristan (Hockney)


The other morning, I had a spring in my step! 

I was walking really fast (which is typical of me), and I had just been to the gym, (which isn’t), but it had put me in a good mood.  

Without knowing it I had walked a tiny bit in front of a young woman at the crossing near Shoreditch High St Station in London.

The words “Where the F*** do you think you’re standing?” were uttered under her breath but in audio range.

“What?” I thought to myself.

At that moment I could have …

A – Turned to her, put 2 fingers up at and shouted **** you, you miserable old git
B – Said “Oops, so sorry I didn't mean to get in your way” (on the public footpath)
C – Remained silent, but felt like dying inside
D – Said something…totally generous and warm

I had a few moments to think as the pedestrian lights took a while to turn the man to green.

As we walked across the road, I chose option D.

I turned and with a big grin (not nasty, I really didn't want this to be bitchy or passive aggressive) and said,

“Hope you have a better rest of the day”

I didn't hear what she uttered under her breath this time but it could have been seriously venomous with a few four -letter words.

Ok my husband described me once as “irritatingly positive”

I’m proud of this.  I am too – you’re a class act!

“You have radiators or drains” (according to my client)

Radiators are people who warm you up.

They make you feel good, they fill you with joy and confidence.  You want to be close to them.  They add and enrich your life. Radiators are exhilarating.

I pride myself on being a radiator (most of the time)

I am a self-confessed happy optimist, I like to think positive thoughts and I love doing new things and coming up with new ideas.  I love people and I like to make people feel happy.

Yes, I am on the radiator end of the spectrum.  How about you?

DRAINS on the other hand – are negative.

They drain you of energy, they zap the living daylight out of you. They are wet blankets, they are miserable, needy and waste your time.  They always are looking for the worst and tend to criticize often.

The ‘crossing girl’ was a DRAIN. She had, what I would describe as, ‘A face like a slapped a**e!’

She was draining, spreading negativity wherever she went. Going out of her way to make people feel bad and guilty.  Did she insult people to make her feel…good?  Or did she just love being a drain so she could wallow in her own “draininess”?


Watch out for radiators and drains in your life and in your career.

Guess who you should be cozying up to like the cat, Mister Tristan in the picture?

You’ve got it.  The Radiators!

Feel warm, give warmth, keep dry and avoid the drains at all costs.

Radiators are good for business and good for moral.  You’ll attract more people who like the warmth.

If you want to hire a seriously HOT radiator whose thermostat is boarder line nuclear to give your team a positivity boost email me, so we can design a pick- me-up specially for you.  My personal impact team sessions are full of radiator warmth and energy.

Clients from across the UK and Europe love it.  Hooray!

Esther is Exhilarating!

 “Working with Esther is an exhilarating experience. She is a bundle of energy and pushed me beyond my normal comfort zone. I can only say everything she says turns out to be absolutely right! It is an amazing process and I can't wait for the next one” 

Ken Shuttleworth, award winning Architect, designer of The Gherkin and the Copper Box, London & founder of MAKE
Esther Stanhope