Why Olivia Colman’s Imperfect Oscar Speech was… Perfect!

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OMG try watching Olivia Colman’s Oscar speech without weeping! Click here for the ABC YouTube clip

Our very own BRIT-CHICK won Best Actress for her quirky performance in The Favourite arhhhhh. She was sooooooo out of her comfort zone on that massive stage! 

I LOVED every second of her blubbing, raspberry - blowing, imperfect, shaky, thankful, sound-effects filled and funny speech.

Why was her speech so…. weirdly moving?  

It was A- Authentic! It was A- Audience focused – a real crowd pleaser – totally unselfish. 

In a word it was A- Awesome.  

(There, you have it, my top 3 speech tips in a nutshell)

It was totally down to earth and non-glossy, which stood out at THE OSCARS!  

“I used to work as a cleaner…I spend a lot of my time imagining this...any little girl who’s practicing her speech on the telly…you never know”

I used to think actors and actresses ‘pretended’ to be humble and loveable.

But Olivia was heartfelt, and you can’t fake that.  You could feel her joy vibrating off of her!

What can we learn from Olivia’s imperfect speech?

This is something I share with ALL my clients and something I have to remind myself to do every day…remember this famous quote…

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” - Maya Angelou

And Olivia Colman makes me feel joy, hopeful and brings tears to my eyes.  I will never forget her for that.  I don’t think anyone will.  You just love her – even if you have no idea who she is.

In fact, her goofy imperfect speech will get her as much attention and fame as her Oscar!

So next time you’re wondering how to motivate your team or pitch your amazing idea to the big wigs….remember….

Feelings and genuine passion are far more powerful than perfection and gloss!

Go Olivia, go Brits, I am so proud that British talent shone brightly this year.  

PS, I loved Best Actor winner, Rami Malek’s performance playing Queen frontman Freddy Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody….another fantastic British-film success story! 

Go and see these amazing films. You’ll feel great!

If you have a career changing speech coming up this year and you dread the spotlight, don’t worry. You are not alone, I can help you. 

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