Women Need to 'Take a Punt' at senior Roles!


This year is the year for women to be more visible and empowered!  Hurrah. 

I’m personally celebrating by encouraging women to:
GO FOR MORE SENIOR ROLES!  (More on that in a moment.)

The other day I sipped bubbly at The Ned Hotel in London with my very glam friend and we discussed the ‘taking a punt’ issue…

“A junior man in a bank will look at a job description and think, oh yeah, I can execute around 50% of the criteria on the job spec, I’m going to take a PUNT at that and work on the 50% I can’t do.”

It’s shocking but true, my pal also happens to be the very experienced headhunter Maria Aldous.

And then she said, “But it’s a different story altogether for women.” 

According to Maria, who’s seen the same pattern in her 25- year career in the Financial Services industry.

“A more senior woman, with loads more experience, will look at that same job spec and think…I don’t fit more than 70% of the criteria, there’s no way I’m putting myself forward for this.”

Maria finds herself pulling her hair out with frustration because women aren’t going for senior positions, therefore, aren’t bridging the gender gap in the boardroom.

“When mainly men are going for senior roles – who do you think will get them?”

Maria is passionate about this – she’s making it her business to make some changes.   For a start, she’s encouraging more women to take a punt!  Not an unrealistic punt of course, but a punt.

At the moment women are less likely to venture outside their comfort zone unless they are absolutely 100% sure they are perfect for the role.  

And guess what?  100% perfection is extremely unlikely!  

So, like Maria, I’ve got a plan.

I hear from women in the city all the time; in banks, organisations like Deloitte, PWC and law firms.  

Does this sound familiar to you? 

“My colleagues seem to get promoted,


I seem to be the one doing all the hard work.” 

Well, there’s good news!  Woohoo,  oh yes there is.

And I have a solution for you.  Whether you’re a woman who wants to get promoted and not sure how to ‘sell yourself’,

or you’re a boss who wants more women to get promoted in your organisation.

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