Yaiyou! The Shanghai Media Group Got A Massive Boost From Moi!

The fantastic Shanghai Media Group at The University of Westminster was full of 加 油 ! (oomph)    

Yaiyou  (oomph) that’s what you need to pitch, present and captivate your audience in the first 0-10 seconds.  And my hilarious experience with these talented Chinese Media experts did just that.

The sparky and creative bunch took away loads of great tips from my masterclassPitching with Oomph’ – last year.  It was a real blast.

Having a translator (thank you Jai) is brilliant because it forces you to slow down and think about the way you’re communicating from second to second.  Quick tip for you… pause and keep sentences short. It really helps you control your messages and gives every word more punch.

The thing I loved most about spending time with the Shanghai Media Group was the amount of laughter.  It was so funny, they had so much energy & humour and they came up with totally random ideas – I love that.  

They were practicing pitching TV ideas and we had poetry (in traditional dialect, which was impossible to translate), dating shows (some were too rude to translate) and interesting background music generated by the audience (totally bizarre & beautiful).

When I asked them to create their own hashtags, they couldn’t stop giggling.  Some found it tricky to translate a Chinese concept into English. One sparky young woman said she was #hashtag- ‘chicken blood’ which is something to do with being brave.  How awesome is that?

Their favourite tip from the masterclass though was how to make an impact in 0-10 seconds!

That’s something we can take away today.  All my years of live broadcasting at the BBC and keeping audiences hooked - helps me to help you make an impact and pack a punch when you present.

“Thanks again for your excellent session. It was the perfect Friday afternoon send-off. It’s lovely to see how certain people came out of their shell”

 David Morgenstern – Course Leader -  Chinese Media Center, University of Westminster, London

I’ve also been globetrotting with teams from ABB in Italy, Veon in Amsterdam and young African leaders in the USA, part of the Nelson Mandela Fellowship.  I’m having some serious fun, and I can come and spread a bit of the magic with your team too.

Are you ready to give your team a BIG YAIYOU boost in confidence & communication?  We need to talk.

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patrick Volavka