I’m in a Meeting, Get Me Out of Here!

“Sometimes I feel like one of those celebs in the Jungle ….GET ME OUT OF HERE!” my client admitted to me the other day. 

“I HATE MEETINGS, they’re ruining my life. I end up doing my ‘real’ work after 5pm and before 9am. I’m working round the clock.”

Can you feel his pain?

Don't worry you’re not alone.  There are millions of people sitting (or falling asleep) in boardrooms and offices all over the world right this second thinking…

"This is so dull, get me out of here, I’m wasting my time, I’m never going to kiss my kids goodnight again!"

According to the Harvard Business Review, one global organisation clocked up 300,000 hours a year on the exec committee meeting alone!

Arrhh.  Just the thought of it makes me want to stick pencils in my eyes.

Duff meetings are NOT good for your bottom line

Here’s the good news - you can ban boring meetings forever by using my formula.

I’ve run my regular   ‘How to Make an Impact in Meetings’ masterclasses for more than 4 years for the Global French Bank Societe Generale and they‘re booked up solid every time. 

The talented lot at the bank have radically transformed their meetings and SO CAN YOU.  

Why not be more.....

- effective

- engaging

- confident

- influential

- efficient

- successful

- bottom line boosting?

Have more impact in meetings and watch the people around you leap into action, get stuff done and boost your bottom line

Go on email me now to chat about running my popular ‘How to Make an Impact in Meetings” Masterclass for your team.  You will be more efficient, you’ll save bags of time and you’ll probably make more money.  esther@estherstanhope.com



patrick Volavka