A Cheeky Little Networking Tip in the Digital World

Steven Walker – author and mediator

Steven Walker – author and mediator

 Eyes and teeth! With DJ Jo Wiley

 Eyes and teeth! With DJ Jo Wiley

Do you want to be a Networking Ninja in the digital world?

I’ve discovered the power of the selfie! 

It’s better than business cards – in fact it could replace them

It’s a revelation – I’ve cracked it! 

Phew I’ve been around a bit - speaking at conferences all over the world, bumping into KPIs (Key People of influence) and I’ve found a way of networking effectively without a sniff of a business card.  From brilliant DJ Jo Wiley at Mumsnet Workfest to the Mediators at Oxford, bankers at Soc Gen in Paris to MPs at the House of Commons I’ve been gathering some fantastic contacts. 

It’s been networking heaven (if you like that sort of thing- and I do)

It all started when I found myself speaking at a conference full of mediators and lawyers – perfect – great networking opportunity!

But arrhh, I looked in my bag – and what? No Business Cards? At a Networking event? How could I? 

I had everything I needed for my keynote speech;  a spare memory stick, an Indian bell to keep the audience in check, a count down clock, fancy shoes - powder – lippy – iphone , but oops – no business cards.

How can you network successfully without business cards?

Well here’s how – yes you’ve got to be up for it and your ‘networkee’ has to be up for it too.

It’s simple and effective!

You take a selfie and send it to your new contact – immediately and you also send it to yourself at the same time so you get an instant snapshot of the moment you met, laughed, shared stories and had great ideas together!

It’s brilliant – yes I know, you may feel a little embarrassed and you might find the odd stuffy old stiff upper lipper won’t play ball.  

HOWEVER – I’ve found MOST people love it because:

  • They find it funny 
  • You both look warm with a great personality
  • They think it’s modern
  • AND it allows you to have another “touch” when you send the photo to them. (A touch is just another opportunity for you to build your relationship)

And most importantly

They’ll remember you instantly! 

What you look like, your name, what you do, the conversation you had -  EVERTHING.

A faceless business card doesn’t quite have the same affect!

So go on, go digital! Give it a go, see if you can bring people into your selfie and enjoy the experience!

I dare you to do a cheeky selfie shot this week.  Please do let me know how it goes. Email me esther@estherstanhope.com

Remember networking doesn’t have to be a pain – it can be fun! 

P.S. Watch out for my brand new ‘How to Network When You Hate Small Talk” masterclass coming soon in London! 

Esther Stanhope