You Can Copy George Clooney’s Un-Scripted Script!

You can click on George to play the Omega Watch Space Advert on Youtube!

As you know I’m a big fan of George Clooney, not because he’s possibly the mostgood looking Hollywood superstar with an intelligent wife and perfect life, no, because I met him face to face and he’s just very cool, normal and relatable.

I interviewed Clooney years ago when I started out as a showbiz reporter in London and he’s the most ‘human’ Hollywood celeb I have ever met.  (And I’ve met a few in my career from my BBC and Cannes Film Festival days).  I remember seeing this smallish guy sitting with his back to us at the Trocadero in Leicester Square, London. He wore a base-ball cap and an old blue track-suit, really nothing special.  He was sipping a coffee and looked like he’d had been out late the night before!  He was really warm and generous with his time, “Would you like to sit here?” he said as he pulled out the chair next to him (I looked at the PR guy and he ushered me to the seat opposite GC, maybe he thought I was going to kiss him or something!) 

The first thing I thought was “oh my gosh, he’s normal, he’s a nice bloke, actually he’s not that good looking in real life!”

George Clooney’s just got it hasn’t he?

Have you seen his latest TV Advert?   (Click on the link above to watch it).

When I watched this amazing TV advert I wasn’t surprised by how brilliant, charismatic and captivating George Clooney still is – he’s just got it hasn’t he?  You can learn of few of his tricks and you can learn to be comfortable and captivating to audiences too.

The question is – how does he do it and how can you steal a little of George’s technique?

First of all – I think this TV ad is just mind-blowingly brilliant.   I spoke to Global Brand Expert Shaun Jones to see if he felt the same about the Clooney-Space advert as me and he said it has ALL the ingredients you’d ever need for the perfect campaign.

“It makes 3 unattainable things attainable through everyday storytelling (George, Space and Omega). We can all relate to a childhood memory, something that was bigger than you, and you looked up to (literally). Mine was probably my first lunar eclipse or seeing Concorde fly when I was very young...”

You immediately think about your own experiences of being a kid and seeing a life changing event for the first time like the moon landing or where you were when Elvis died.

To me the most interesting thing about the advert is George Clooney’s seemingly “unscripted” script.  He’s telling a story.

He does appear to be talking ‘Off the cuff’ which makes him come across as “normal” and ‘human-like” – he’s totally relatable and he seems 100% genuine and authentic.

And it is what all audiences relate to. When we feel we’re being spoken to 1:1.

Clients constantly ask me….

  • How can I be authentic?  
  • Should I speak without a script?
  • How can I appear relatable and ‘human’?
  • How do I know which stories to tell?
  • How will people warm to me?
  • How can I look ‘natural’ when I deliver my speech? Or when I’m on camera?

This is the advice I give to CEOs, COOs, Managing partners and Leaders when they want to look and sound authentic and they want to captivate their audiences ….

Simply do what George Clooney does in the advert…

TIP – 1 – Tell a Story Like GC.  

This can be as simple as sharing a memory.  This is way more engaging than just facts. Just like Clooney’s story, it seems off the cuff, genuine and human. 

Audiences love you to appear unscripted!


TIP 2 – Use Big Names!  

Make sure you, like Clooney, talk about things that people want a piece of!  An expensive Omega watch maybe or being an Astronaut.  Talking about it hooks your audience in.  

My marketing friend calls this ‘Standing on the shoulder of giants’.  

People like a good old name drop.

Did I mention I interviewed George Clooney?  Tee hee.

As my global brand expert said make the unattainable attainable.

Believe me, I can help you craft a story that makes you look good in front of your audience.  You may not be George Clooney, but you have way more charisma than you give yourself credit for.  Email me if you want to chat about your next on-screen or conference appearance and we’ll prepare you Clooney-style!  

 “Working with Esther is an exhilarating experience. It is an amazing process and I can't wait for the next one” 

Ken Shuttleworth, multi award winning Architect, designer of The Gherkin and the Copper Box, London and founder of MAKE 

Esther Stanhope