Are You Playing Your ACE Card?

The Ace in a pack of cards is the highest status!

The other day I was running an Impact Masterclass at an international investment bank. When I walked up to the grand reception I noticed a tall handsome man wearing a 3-piece suit. He looked very senior and very impressive!

‘Hmm, I thought,

‘I wonder if he’s coming to my masterclass How to Make an Impact in Meetings? He looks senior – he looks like he has gravitas and authority, it would be funny if he was!’

“Why would someone like that need my help making an impact in meetings?”

And do you know what?

Mr 3-Piece Suit got in the same lift as me and then asked for the same room as me on the posh 8th floor reception.

He was heading to my session!

“Wow,” I thought, you can never be 100% sure how confident and senior a person is by the way they look!

It reminded me of the film, Catch Me If You Can. The character played by Leonardo DiCaprio, Frank Abagnale Jr. famously said “people are dazzled by the pinstripes.”

Well, I was rather dazzled by the pinstripes that day.

And I had a massive realisation about STATUS.

That senior looking gentleman, Mr 3-Piece Suit, joined my masterclass with other not so senior people from the bank from the front, middle and back office.

It turned out he had a status crisis going on.

He looked like he should be high status – in a pack of cards the ACE is the highest status. He definitely looked as if he’d be an ACE card.

However, when he started to speak, he was a little apologetic and didn’t seem sure of himself.

He was self-deprecating (which can sometimes be endearing). In this case, he was sabotaging his chances of being a great leader.

He was actually playing more of a 4 card than the Ace he really was.

Have you ever thought about your status and how you come across in meetings or in front of clients and colleagues?

Are you playing the ACE?

The Ace is a leader:

  • Effortlessly confident.
  • There’s not much movement (no nail biting!!).
  • Centered (good strong posture).
  • Listens and learns.
  • Generous. Gives other people attention and credit (rather than talks about themselves).
  • Speaks with dignity and gravitas.
  • Has a sense of humour (effortless, happy and at ease).
  • Doesn’t have to try too hard.

It all sounds easier said than done doesn’t it? However, if you’ve been to one of my VIP sessions or masterclasses you’ll know these easy to adopt tips work.

Here are the instant practical tips on how to be an ACE!

Remember my Power of the POSE formula?

P – Posture – If you stand/sit up straight and still with strong powerful shoulders, this will help you to look and feel more confident – it immediately raises your status. Make sure your feet are planted!

O – Oomph! – Energy. If you can, warm up. Energy comes from enthusiasm for the subject and being ‘in the zone’ – if you’re flat you’re in danger of your audience switching off.

S – Speech – Turn up the volume of your voice to have more impact, slow down and remember to PAUSE. High status people, take their time, they don’t gabble and tend to use fewer words.

E – Eyes and Teeth! – Smile! A smile makes you look and sound relaxed and confident, plus it helps you vocally. You’ll look warm & engaging. Effortless. Eye contact helps your character and personality shine through!

So there you have it. Just a few simple adjustments can help you play the ACE, and be the leader with effortless confidence. Practice one of these tips each day and soon it will become your default card!

Are you ready to play YOUR ACE card? Let me help you and your team grow in status and ooze leadership qualities. Email me so we can chat about growing your status which will ultimately help you grow your bottom line!

Esther Stanhope