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Do you want more gravitas, charisma and confidence when you speak in business?  

You’ve come to the right place – I can make you BRILLIANT!

  • I've helped more than 8000 professionals, business leaders and politicians speak with confidence
  • Clients like Deloitte, Barclays, Societe Generale , the University of Oxford Said Business School, LSE, MPs at the House of Commons
  • I’ve spoken at events and run away days all over the world; Tel Aviv in Israel, Budapest in Hungary Zurich in Switzerland – spreading my personal impact tips and oomph everywhere I go!
  • One to one coaching and skype sessions have transformed conference speeches all over world
  • American lawyers and techie start –ups have used my tips to win pitches and win over audiences (even Amazon in Las Vegas)
  • I’ve clocked up 12.5 thousand hours of Live broadcasting at the BBC
  • Interviewed 4920 celebrities since starting out as a radio reporter 25 years ago
  • I’m regularly featured in the media including British Airways Magazine and on the BBC

In pitches, speaking at conferences, town-hall style meetings, conference calls and in front of those dreaded interview panels!

So Why Should We Work Together?

Are you ready to have your personality shine out and influence your audience?

After ….Are you ready to have your personality shine out and influence your audience? Perhaps you need your team to be more visible to the rest of the business and you need them to speak out and get your message out there. 


When You Learn to Speak In Front of Audiences – You Become Successful!


Whether you’ve been asked to…

  • Say a few words at the board meeting
  • Speak at a conference
  • Network and meet new clients
  • Face the grueling interview panel
  • Chair the video conference
  • Pitch to clients
  • Give the ‘vision’ presentation for your boss
  • Run the seminar or facilitate a training session

You can be good!  I will show you how to do it – and it’s fun.

Here’s the good news.  

As a live producer for the BBC, I worked out what makes people tick. I figured out what that magic bullet is when it comes to charisma, being a ‘personality’ and how fragile big egos can be. Most importantly I worked out a formula for having the ability to speak like a leader and captivate audiences (of any size). You can learn to have ‘Personal Impact’ and it if you have it, you will be more successful in business! 


I wanted to tell stories, be creative, work for the BBC and learn what makes people tick...turns out what works in broadcasting works even better in business!

Now I work with audiences from Deloitte, JPMorgan, Barclays, Societe General, blue chip organisations including International law firms, the universities of Oxford and Cambridge and the British Government!


Working with Esther is an exhilarating experience. She is a bundle of energy and pushed me beyond my normal comfort zone. I can only say everything she says turns out to be absolutely right!

Ken Shuttleworth – Award winning Architect and founder of MAKE, Designer of the ‘Wobbly Bridge’ and the ‘Copper Box’

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What to do with your hands when you haven’t got a podium. Aarrgh?