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do you hate it when your colleagues get promoted

yet... you do all the hard work!?


Sound familiar?    Do you...

  • Keep your head down, work like a demon, yet no one notices?
  • Put in the time, you’re loyal and yet you’re still being over looked?
  • Dread the interview process (panels makes you feel sick)?
  • Feel frustrated as you’re ready to step up the career ladder?

You’re in the right place – help is here and I’m your shortcut to get the promotion of your dreams.

Hi, Im Esther Stanhope, The Impact Guru


and I show professionals just like you how to turbo charge your career, get promoted and still be yourself (it’s much easier than you think!)

I help you;

  • How to look, sound and feel confident (even when you don’t feel it)
  • Present like a pro (this instantly sets you apart)
  • Craft your message so it sticks and influences
  • Engage your audience in the first 30 seconds (you’ll have them “Leaning IN”)
  • Boost your confidence, credibility and gravitas immediately
  • Discover your authentic style and maximize your best assets! (You’re not a robot – this programme shows how to bring the best YOU to a pitch)
  • Physically prepare for a pitch or presentation (you’ll feel 2 inches taller!)

Watch this - Esther‘s video – How to get your dream promotion trailer

The How to Make an Impact & Win Business Video Programme will elevate you to new levels of confidence (and you’ll have some fun at the same time).

You‘re about to up your game substantially and set yourself up to win over audiences, win over your clients and win more business – something that will impress your boss immediately and further your career.

Here’s your chance to realise your talents and learn how to speak with confidence, captivate your audience and make a real impact.

It’s an essential part of doing business today and not something to put on the back burner until you become more senior and ‘need to’.

This Video Programme Takes Your Junior Skill set at Presenting to Senior Level – in 12 Simple Steps.

It’s been created by our trusted (yes, she gets results) Impact Coach and former BBC Producer Esther Stanhope, who’s been working with Partners and Associates at International law firms like Squire Patton Boggs, Allen & Overy, Osborne Clarke, Ashfords and Ashurst for over four years with outstanding feedback…

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My Brand New Programme That helps you Achieve the Promotion of Your Dreams (in 9 easy-to-digest bite sized chunks)

You’ll love this programme if you are…

  • Frustrated with your boss who is too busy (and uninterested) to help you plan your career
  • Working round the clock
  • Struggling with having NO TIME to concentrate on your soft skills
  • Not sure how to go about getting promoted – the thought terrifies you
  • Against having to schmooze and ‘play the game’ with senior management
  • Worried you’ve been in your role for too long and beginning to stagnate

You can breathe again (really – put those shoulders down…aarrhhhh!)

  • Create the perfect career plan that suits YOU
  • Build self-confidence and learn how to ‘self-promote’ without feeling cheesy
  • Articulate your business case & craft your personal ‘elevator pitch’
  • Understand, engage and network with the RIGHT people
  • Walk the talk; how to have stage presence, gravitas and charisma in practice
  • Win over your audience and get ‘buy-in’ from senior people
  • Make an impact and be visibly brilliant (not just technically brilliant) at your job

It’s quick, it’s efficient and you can do it in your own time and in private! I’ve designed this in 9 – teeny but mighty modules that give you tips you can apply immediately. You’ll Learn How To…

Join the programme

“Esther sessions are always fun and entertaining. Her tips are brilliant”
— Old Mutual Wealth, London

How your sessions work;

  • Watch my fun and enlightening online modules in 9 x fun-5-minute chunks.
  • You complete these at your own pace when it suits you.
  • Once you’ve downloaded the sessions you can keep them forever
  • Follow the BONUS workbook step by step and write down your plan, action points and lightbulb moments. (You’ll love this!)

So you’re probably asking yourself what is this going to cost? Well, the value of a live session with me that major firms across the UK pay is £3000+VAT upwards……wait don’t panic! By popular demand my How to Get Your Dream Promotion programme Is designed to be super affordable for you (I’m so excited – there’s more!)

“Full of energy, fun and transformational”
— Squire Patton Boggs LLP, London

what you get;

  • 9 x fun-5-minute chunks packed with boardroom secrets you’ll never hear from anyone else
  • Instant access to your modules in the privacy of your own home
  • Life time access to the programme
  • The BONUS workbook for my easy-to-follow step by step tips

The value of a live session with me that major firms across the UK pay is £3000+VAT upwards……

Your investmentonly £147+VAT

Or pay in 2 monthly payments of only £75+VAT each

P.S. Go on treat yourself to something that changes your life forever! 

Click here to make your first step today


I wish I had a quick fix career (kick-in-the-butt) programme back in my BBC days!

I was so busy focussing on making sure Cliff Richard or Boris Johnson were happy and being a brilliant live producer - I forgot to focus on my career. That was then.

Now I help thousands of people get their dream promotions just by adopting a few tips, techniques and learning a few home truths about themselves!

This is a fantastic starting point for you to get your career on an upward curve - it doesn't require loads of work and it doesn't consume too much of your time.

You'll love this.