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  • Esther Stanhope, Impact Coach - Helping You Pitch, Present And Get Promoted

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Esther Stanhope's

Presenting Tips

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You Have Way More Talent Than You Think

Forget everyone else...

it doesn’t matter if he has better jokes or she has a fantastic turn of phrase.

You can be the best version of you.

Whether you're an introvert , extrovert or a ‘safe’ lawyer!

There’s no such thing as a boring person!

No, it’s true. Maybe you haven't found an interesting way to express yourself yet.

I don’t do boring. When I help lawyers and bankers pitch and present – that’s a BIG RULE. And it does mean you have to venture outside your comfort zone (just a bit)…but the rewards can be massive.

Remember the golden rule….

Clients don’t buy from


  • Vanessa Feltz, TV & Radio Presenter

    Esther is a rare talent, she’s wonderful to work with and I trust her with all my heart.
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